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I have a goal for 2012.

I have a dream. I have ambitions. I want to graduate.

From a piece of dust  – (Did anyone see me then? Or was I as invisible to everyone?)

I became a speck  – (·) (Can anyone see me now? Or am I still invisible?)

From that speck  – (·)

I want to graduate.

To a dot

(•) – (Will anyone see me then or will I still be invisible?)

It won’t matter because I will know that I have graduated from a piece of dust that gets lost in the wind to a speck that finds its way out of the wind to a dot that holds its place universe mixing with the other dots 🙂

And that is my main ambition – To Be a Dot by the end of 2012 !

How hard can it be?

The excerpt below is part of ‘Tangled’, a poem from my book ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ 

Here is the artwork I chose to accompany ‘Tangled’

Creative Common Copyright - Lesley Fletcher - Sea of Good Wishes

It demonstrates the need to slow down, have a look around, take chances, set goals, and achieve those goals if only for your own well-being. Whether anyone else sees your achievements or you receive accolades is not of primary importance. What is important is that you can walk with good wishes for everyone else knowing   your own have been realized. Does that make sense?

It does to me.

Lesley Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.

When a sea of good wishes / Washed to the shore / No one quite saw them / No one quite cared.

Within the tangled mess / There glittered some diamonds / But no one slowed to see them / And no one slowed to care.

The wishes and diamonds / Had long been ignored/ Until you came along / And you wanted more.