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Big world changes in the air.

Re-blogging a Post today CLICK Above LINK from thefullmusician a WordPress Blogger and Musician that I came across this morning. I hope everyone will enjoy it and see how much sense it makes.

Being a Hip-Hop and Rap fan is one of my best kept secrets but now it’s out. Give me clean lyrics that don’t disrespect anyone and I’m Down for it 🙂 (Wait is that how you say it?) LOL.

Change for the betterment of mankind can only be good. Embrace differences, technology – and realise that the education the Internet has offered our youth will serve the planet and its people. Humanity will be the winner – I can see it! (especially with my rose coloured glasses!)

Don’t count out our Rappers either – here is one who cares Follow this LINK to the YOUTUBE video  (Be the Change that you Want to See)

MC Yogi – Has a new video being released and joining to make the change. I feel great about this. He has a Facebook following of 26K, video followers, Twitter – totally connected and doing his part to change the world. Kudos to all who make it their mission against odds that are slowly turning in the favour of Peace. HALLELUJAH!