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I am ever so happy that I lost my phone temporarily over the weekend. (note to all scatter-brains = do not leave your phone in silent mode) When I did come across my phone, in my sweatshirt pocket, hanging on the back of the door I noticed I had a missed call at 9:52 the previous evening (Saturday). Had I answered then phone I would have likely stumbled over the appropriate words (I am a bit of a phonophobic; another post will fill you in!).

When I checked my message I heard a message that touched my heart in more places than I can count. It was MaryHelen Ferris she said, from Lethridge Alberta. Now I have known MaryHelen for a short period of time after visiting her blog at http://greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/59000-views-all-time-free-gift-offer-to-celebrate/ where she offered to write a poem for a reader of her blog to give as a gift so I was curious as to why I would get a call out of the blue. Was she not well? Did she need someone to talk to? Was she in trouble? Oh boy oh boy, I am a worrier more than a warrior 🙂

Back to the offer of a poem: I decided, rather cheekily that since I am usually a giver that I would like to give myself a gift from MaryHelen… and as a result I received this beautiful poem which told me in no uncertain terms that the Universe loved me. It felt heavenly to read the words and know the source. She is a kind, generous and loving soul. A messenger who sprinkles kindness, compassion and love on a daily basis.

Now back to the message, which I am happy to say will stay in my message box a very long time! so that I may listen again and again as it tells me I am traveller who brings light through my words and art. That I am appreciated and celebrated in her heart. But it wasn’t only the actually words that convinced me of the honesty of  MaryHelen’s message it was the pace, tone and ease it was delivered with.

I have come across many Angels in my life and written about very few but this is one I actually have the opportunity to thank from the bottom of my grateful heart. Everyone needs an Angel some time. Lucky me… and thank you MaryHelen.

moon and stars

`*.¸.* ´* peαce ´¯`•.¸¸.
♡ We Are ☮neLove ♡
~ Ɲαɱα§ɫé नमस्ते

Les my love,

my muse, my beloved , my divine

The art of your words…

The words of your art…

Stir, sooth, sensuously settling

 into this heart of my mine. 

My love Les, 

For a touch of your brush

on the canvas of love 

For the stroke of your pen

on the parchment

I, the seeker,

I,  the lover of all,

I, the Universe,

We  all have been waiting

for the gift of you.

We cannot  breathe in anticipation. 

For your creativity we  doeth pine. 

Les my love, my muse , my divine

The art of your words

The words of your art

Stir, sooth, sensuously settling

 into this art of my mine.