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This is my post from last Fridays Prompt on Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday where writers and nons are encouraged to write from the heart. Kellie always manages to get me to say things or think things that are deeper than the surface. Everyone is directed to just write – no edits are allowed. This always makes for a lot of interest in my opinion. This one is called – Pick a Title – I chose ‘a phone call at midnight‘. For other entries or to try it yourself please follow this link http://kellieelmore.com/2013/08/23/fwf-free-write-friday-pick-a-title/

Midnight Heart(s)cropped-starry_night_over_the_rhone.jpg

There wasn’t a lot to do with myself. I didn’t sleep much in those days. In fact, I don’t sleep much these days either. The last time I slept well must have been ten years ago or more.
When the phone rang at midnight, I didn’t have that thumping heartbeat of worry or terror. To me it was only a noise in an extension of countless days that merge sunlight to dusk, darkness to dawn where the whole cycle of supposed life begins for most but continues for me. All of those I loved had disappeared. Every single solitary person who held a piece of my heart was gone either by device or death. With those departures came the fact my heart was no longer whole. It was instead only doing what it was meant to do to keep me alive. It was a beating organ, pushing blood in and out but it had no other purpose. Every other purpose was gone.
So, when the phone rang at midnight, I answered perhaps in anticipation of news of one of the pieces of my broken heart. Maybe tonight I would regain a vital portion – love. Maybe with this one phone call some love in my life would be salvaged and sleep would not be so elusive going forward.
I picked up the phone on the first ring but still managed to have allowed the rushes of wishes, hopes and dreams run through my mind prior to saying hello.
There was no voice on the other end. Just breathing with a hint of tears in the breath. I repeated a soft hello with hopes of hearing my dear heart on the other end of the line but to no avail. I stayed on as long as was decent then reluctantly touched the end call button.
Did the caller ever think that it was not just them who needed to hear a soft voice on the other end, at midnight?

NOTE: all of my emails from WordPress have been defaulted to I don’t know what – After my hiatus of 12 days I pledge to re-set them for the third time which is no easy task. In the meantime I will bid all a wonderful couple of weeks filled with creativity, love, and peace above all. Lesley xx

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