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Rebecca Scarberry is one of the most supportive people working out in CyberSpace through her Twitter account, blog and FB Page. Normally, Rebecca can be counted on to tout about me and many many other authors on a weekly basis which is wonderful as she has 36,692 followers :). Rather than thanking her, it occurred to me to RT (re-tweet) some of her own news. She is an author of four books including a short story and co-authoring one book. If you click through the link you will find that Messages From Henry is FREE! so please do go buy it.

When I glanced through her latest Tweets I noticed a call out and in my quite normal somewhat haphazard fashion I responded. The following poem came to me three nights running so I knew it had to be written. That is often the case with what I write. It begs to be written.


Becky! Becky! My parents cried out.
Pail and shovel banging on my little legs.
Pigtails flying with the ocean s wind.
Flip-flops flipping, flopping fast.
Laughter in my escape.
Without a backward glance at all,
As the sand becomes my castle.

Becca! Becca! My friends cried out.
Boogie board banging on my shins.
Pigtails flying with the ocean s wind.
Flip-flops flipping, flopping fast.
Fits of giggles in my wake
Sneaking just a peek behind me,
As I test the water’s waves.

Rebecca! Rebecca! My muse cries out.
Back Pack bumping on my spine.
Pigtails flying with the ocean s wind.
Flip-flops flipping flopping fast.
Smiling in my heart
Calling it to join me,
As I find my place to write.

Rebecca Scarberry pictured below at the beach – Links to connect with her and her books.
Becky on the beach


Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics, stage plays) as well as a visual artist with a concentration in monoprints. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at http://www.LesleyFletcher.com

Peace – Have a wonderful day.