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I should have known in grade one when I mispelled 5/10 words on my spelling test and was shellacked by the teacher. (Mrs. Smith if you’re still alive and reading this, I still cringe at your name and you’re so lucky my big brother didn’t punch you in the nose for humiliating me in front of my classmates.)

Then I should have known when I was fired from a job in the garment industry for reversing the number in the special book, considered the golden book because it is used to sell material to clients. Opps. Sorry, but you still owed my vacation pay and I did get my day in court over it, and won :).

Maybe it should have occurred to me on many more occasions but I shrugged it off to being distracted, or under pressure much of the time.

It is only recently, I have taken note and accepted my role in some blatant errors. The very latest was a letter being returned to sender for the wrong post box number. Since completing my novel, in fact. I feel really proud of myself that I completed it. That I managed to get through writing the story in its entirety at all.

Today, as I was going through the many incidents of what can only be a case of dyslexia, I gave thought to the two latest stories.

One happened in a reader’s group, where a man was searching for a book, knowing only that it had a black background with a blue apple on it. I posted a list of apple covers, I found on Goodreads. I love that sort of challenge.

The next poster mentioned that she had read ‘tomatoe’, so I went back to check how she could have made that mistake. Sure enough, I was right – it read ‘apple’.

Only thing is – I was wrong. It read blue tomato (insert sad face here). And then I did something rare for me. I explained about my dyslexia, without apology. This gave me all sorts of freedom. My secret was out and I didn’t die of embarrassment after all.

So with all these incidents bombarding me, I thought of one more as I stopped at my mailbox. I thought of Margot Kinberg’s latest book and how I designed a most beautiful cover, only to find out I reversed the words on it. When she alerted me, I wrote it down on a scrap paper so I would remember when I re-did it. I wrote it down incorrectly, copying my mistake onto the paper.

Honestly? I thought it best she change the title to match my error – 😀 😀 I was so frustrated!

As it turned out, the 2nd try nabbed it though, without further ado. Here it is for your viewing pleasure as when I got to the mailbox, there it was. My copy, along with another I had done from my artwork for Margot.


The VERY FLAT -B VERSION OF Very B Flat or as Margot intended and I still can’t get my head around – B-Very Flat. 


B-very Flat works too 😉

And that is why I wrote this post today. Because it is time to get it out there without shame. That shame belongs back in my grade one classroom with my grade one teacher.




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