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Today’s post is part of Jake’s Sunday Challenge http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/sunday-post-close-up/ The word of the day is ‘ Close Up‘ – I thought of a quick water colour I did a couple of years ago and then I thought of my Mother and the poem I wrote when I glanced in the mirror one day and saw her eyes in mine. It was actually quite chilling. I then took a good long look at our similarities and differences. The differences are due to generational leaps more than anything else. Her character and her sayings, her love and her tenderness, her innocence and her tenacity were ingrained in me without my knowledge or acknowledgement – until I saw those eyes Close-Up.

My Mother

In my reflection
I finally see
My Mother’s eyes
Look back at me.

They shine with
Calming clarity
Re enforcing who
I was meant to be.

What passed before
In history
Bounces back to me

I ask of her wisdom
With due respect
and lovingly.

And though my own
She speaks to me
Expressing her
Real sympathies.

Gone for a moment
But never far
She lends me
Her own view.

My Mother tells me
All the things
I need to know
(For now)

Yet keeps her
Own opinion
So I may
Find my own (way)

The same way …

She made through
Her lifetime
Fighting grief despair
And Sorrow

Still choosing to see
Brightness, hope

I take her pages
Flipping though
And find just
What I need…

The sacrifice
The strength
Tenacity and beauty

The smile, the heart
The lovingness
The loneliness
The joy

The zest at times for
Fun and frolic
The quest for not
Much more

The solitude
And peacefulness
The love held deep
For family

The honesty
And innocence
The pride and
The composure

All this to say
There’s so much more
Shining from
My mother’s eyes.

Half of her is gifted
To me, here today,
I see…
I am my Mother’s daughter
And honoured so to be.

19 – Dec – 2011 CC Lesley Fletcher

Elizabeth Grey-Bell Brady Fletcher – forever in my heart & in my thoughts.

♥ May she have found the Beloved Peace she sought during her living years ♥