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‘Fall and Rise’ is a poem that talks about dealing with the ups and downs that affect millions of people everyday all over the world. It is so important to realise that people who are handling their own illnesses deserve to be supported by our society. The only way to assure this support and understanding is through speaking up, destroying stigma and through education regarding mental illness specifically and in parts.


Kim McPherson has blazed a tireless trail for this cause via her outstanding love, generosity, and never ending spirit. She educates via her blog at http://withoutalabel.me and https://www.facebook.com/www.withoutalabel.me where she describes what she is trying to accomplish. Kim has been joined by many who share her plight and her cause.


“I recently started a blog as a way to help myself and others facing the same issues that I face. A lot of what I write about is life, life’s lessons, living with bipolar disorder, healing from within, tip and tricks I’ve learned on my journey, what inspires me, and so much more!” Kim McPherson


Fall and Rise

It must be getting close now
To disappearing time

Where all the love
Surprises, thoughtfulness
Are stored for the
Next round.

Sinking into your self-destruction
Letting sorrow take its hold.

Growing weary of your life.
Hiding all from those
Who know.

Closing up your heart
Not letting them see
The worst you have to offer.

No matter what they say
Handling it alone.

Trusting only you to do so.
Fighting the urge to
End it all.

Recognize yourself;
The core of strength
That you have used before
to see you through
the madness
that consumes
each waking hour.
Quit your job
A thousand times
And wonder at your boss
Who won’t accept you’re done.

Now worry how it is
That they can see the sorrow.
What makes him care
About a life
That has no certain meaning.

Is it that smile
That mystery

Is it those eyes
That show

Is it that heart
That beats

Or the angel
in your soul?

The one that dares to surface
Despite your solo plight
Or the one that offers vision
To the man who lost his sight?

Still grasping days
And searching
In the past
provides some guidance
to reality that sits within
Awaiting months to wash away.

Then…one day
It is over.
To the surface
you shall rise
And gasp for air
And fill your lungs.
With breath you are afloat.

Sail above the earthlings
Share with them your humour.
Give over sacred parts of you
Remember not the cold.

Drink in the glorious sunshine
Lie down in warming winds
Frolic in the massive waves
Rejoice in joy and sing.

Play music loud and often
Dance to the sound it makes
Celebrate that God
Has given
Another chance to you.

Then one day…
Remember those
Who loved you through
The darkness

Who love you now
Despite witnessing
Your unravel

So even
when you’re all alone
Celebrate with
Those people too.

Look back to that self-despair
Pensive, solemn and aware
Thanking each (and every one)
For all their love and care.

This poem can be found in the 3rd Pillar, Realities of a Life in my book ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’. a book of Art and Verse.
Some days my rose coloured glasses don’t work at all. Those were the days I wrote for the 3rd Pillar. Reality is not my favourite part of life 🙂 Life is all about finding and keeping your balance. I am happy to report that after losing my own balance, my hard work and hard head combined to give it back. Each and every concious event leads us when we need it most. Indulging in travel, visual arts and writing have produced amazing life enhancement for me. ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ is my way of sharing a journey of spirituality and growth while gently urging others to do the same, in their own way and at their own pace. Lesley

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)