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 My finest treasure was found in canyon -Wadi Numeira – near Ghor Al Safi, Jordan. During the week of working (volunteer) with Habitat for Humanity in Ghor Al Safi the group took an end of day outing to an area where we were able to walk through the most astounding open cave that seemed to filter a water run-off.

I found it difficult to make through because of the sheer number of rocks that were on the ground. The difficulty was not only trying not to get a soaker (given) but to make my way without stooping to pick up the most amazing rocks of the most beautiful colours and shapes. My pockets were so full that my pants were almost falling down. I was in rock heaven. The rest of the group were way ahead but I didn`t mind as I let the peaceful tranquility fill my head. I was so entranced with the rocks that I failed to notice a Bedouin lying on a flat upper cliff watching me with amusement.

When I did noticed him I picked up my pace a little feeling rather that I was invading his space as I saw that he had set up a little `home`up on the side of the canyon with colourful blankets and a straw-like bed.

It was while I was racing (head down) that I spotted what had to be THE most  fascinating rock I have ever encountered. When I picked it up I became immediately enchanted by the way it fit into my hand. It weighed way more than all the rocks in my pockets combined so I was forced to make a decision – keep this one or keep all of the treasures I had just spent so much time selecting. The answer was a quick one. If I had to choose only one thing to remind me of this country it would be the rock I held in my hand at that moment.

Here`s why –

I wondered if I had picked up a random rock or an ancient artifact. Was this designed by nature or had it once been used as a fertility icon. Of course my imagination gets complex at this point so I will let you have a look and decide for yourself.


On a side note when I got out of the cavern and headed back to the mini-bus I was tickled to treated to another memory (of thousands during my visit to Jordan). The memory of a passage of time and the memory of a simpler time that still exists in some parts of the world. A classic photo opportunity completed with the shape of the tree and the colour of the bus. How fortunate I was to experience so much culture and charm.

On a final note – Happy Mother`s Day to all who are celebrating this weekend !

To those who are hoping to conceive a child – may you be blessed with one very  soon.♥

An excerpt from a poem entitled `Time` from my book 5 Pillars of the Gypsy 

The clock has guided oh so many

Through the ages, over eons

It`s the one that says –

Grow up, get married

The one that won`t stop streaming.

The one that ticks so rapidly 

When a woman needs a child;

The one that slows so stubbornly

When that baby is inside;

The one that picks up pace

As that child approaches school;

The one that (for some at least)

Blurs September until June.

LesleyRose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.