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The transformation of a simple but telling photo took me lots of energy and willpower – I had been contemplating it for months actually – since the moment I saw it in Istanbul as I viewed Sebastien’s (Assoignons) Collection of photos. 

The impact is very strong. I wanted to make this boy a Target – copied over to the face of the angel – a soft and sympathetic angel who is bound to take extra special care of one so young and not so tough after all . She is patiently waiting as she envelops him in her aura, but in the end must take him ‘home’. 

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Toy guns exist. If they didn’t – children would find another way to act out ‘good’ vs. evil’ as they try to make sense of the world they are exposed to. I think what is important is for parents to be vigilant and consistent in being part of their children’s lives and judging themselves what is acceptable and what may need adjusting. Nuf said…

Have a Great Weekend Everyone – Peace, Lesley