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My work on photography has been discussed here before. One photo that I absolutely loved was this one. It is full of life and mystery and juxtaposition of time standing still and time rushing by. It captures the essence of Istanbul where east meets west.

It was so stunning that once I had it developed into a glossy 12″ x’s 20″ format I spent over a week circling it, wondering what I could do to transform it from a stunning photo into an alternative piece of art. It then occurred to me to ask myself what it was saying to me.



That question in itself triggered the answer to how I would approach it. It only said it was beautiful, worthy of framing and a piece of art that could stand alone without my input. I could not make it better but I could change it.

I pulled a book from my shelf entitled ‘Speeches that changed the world’ with over 100 of the most influential speeches ever made and an idea was born.


Over the next few hours I scoured the book for sentences that I felt did the title justice. I decided to work from the theme of the tree of life.

I then thought of a ‘mistake’ I had made once where I mixed acrylic paint with gouache on a non-recyclable styrofoam  meat plate and ended up with a fantastic stucco palette!



Happy Art Day everyone – It’s Friday!